GetRight Support

GetRight and Opera Browser
There is a plug-in available to allow Getright to support click-monitoring in Opera.

You can also right-click the link and select "copy link address" to start downloads.

For more information, see

How do I Not download something when I click a link--such as a search site?
Some sites (such as some search sites) use URLs that GetRight things are files so it will try to download the "file".
  • When GetRight is integrated into either Netscape or Microsoft web browsers, if you hold the SHIFT key down when clicking a link, GetRight will not try to get the link (even if it is a type that GetRight would normally handle, such as .EXE.) Also, if you hold both the CONTROL and ALT keys down when clicking a link, GetRight will always get the link (even if it is a type that your web browser would normally handle, such as .HTML.)
  • You may also create a list of servers that GetRight should always ignore when doing click monitoring. See the Monitor configuration page.

  • How do I create a file with a list of files for GetRight to download?
    GetRight accepts 2 different formats for a list of files to be downloaded. Once you have created one of these files, you may use the command:
    GETRIGHT FileNameOfList
    to import the list of files to download.
    .LST or .URLS
  • This is a very simple file format--one URL per line. GetRight will prompt you for where the file should be saved (unless you have setup defaults using the "Save To" configuration page.)

    The file format used by the Import/Export functions may also be used. This allows you to tell GetRight where to save the file, alternate addresses for the file, and some other things. If you use the "Export" under the File menu on the Download Status, the exported file will also contain this text that describes the format. (And will be a good example of this file format.)

  • How do I download all the files on a web page?
    Under the Tools menus is the "GetRight Browser" item. This lets you browse FTP sites, or web pages and easily add files to download into GetRight.
    You can also use the "QuckSync" or "Server Synchronizer" features to do this.

    How do I download files that need a username/password?
    You can setup usernames and passwords for servers you use often on the Login Configuration page.

    You may set the username and password for any existing downloads on the Download Status window. Use the "Change Username and Password" item under the Advanced menu.

    GetRight will also accept URLs with the format:

    NOTE: GetRight will have trouble getting the correct username and password from these formats if your username or password contains the characters: / or @ or : To avoid problems, don't use those characters in your usernames or passwords.

    How do I download one file after another?
    After you have the downloads you want in GetRight's list, turn on "Automatic" downloading on the Download Status, under the Downloads menu. When one download finishes, another will be started. (You may set the limit you set for downloading at the same time on the "Limits" configuration page.)

    In Basic mode, GetRight always operates in a kind of automatic mode--as long as no errors occur, when one file finishes, the next in the list will be started.

    See also: Setting Download Priority faq.cgi?filter=priority

    How do I get the schedule/disconnect/dial buttons to be enabled?
    For features that require GetRight to dial your modem, you must have setup your modem and Internet connection information on GetRight's Internet configuration page. This includes the Schedule Downloads, Schedule Hang Up, Hang Up When Done, and Reconnect if Disconnected features on the Download Status window.

    How do I have GetRight always resume downloading when I connect to the Internet?
    Check the "Always start automatic downloading when connected" on the Internet configuration page.

    NOTE: If you are not using Windows Dial-Up Networking, this can cause your network software to dial the Internet when GetRight checks to see if you are connected. Be sure to use the "Test" button by this checkbox when you are not connected to the Internet to make sure your computer will not dial.

    How do I have GetRight re-download the same files on a periodic basis--daily, etc.?
    Under the Tools menus is a "Daily Downloads" item to allow you to easily download the same file every day.
    (Requires GetRight 4.0 or higher)

    How do I have GetRight scan the downloaded file for Viruses?
    Most virus scanners will automatically scan any file that is downloaded. If your scanner does not do this, GetRight lets you use the virus scanner of your choice to check files for viruses after they are downloaded. On the "When Done" configuration page in GetRight, you may select the program to use as the virus scanner.