GetRight Support

1. Installing
Download the install program from here. After you have the .EXE file, just run it from Windows. (If you already have installed GetRight, you do not need to uninstall it, just install the newer version over the older version.)
The setup program will ask you some questions to guide you thru the setup process.
If you wish to have a simpler interface with many of the more advanced functions hidden, pick the "Basic" mode when asked in the Setup program.
Unless you have special needs, you should accept the default values for all the other items.

Once GetRight is installed and running, you should have an a GetRight icon in your system tray like the one shown here.

2. Starting Downloads
Just use your web browser as usual.
GetRight adds into your web browser (Netscape Navigator and Microsoft IE 4.0 or higher) so that starting downloads with GetRight is as easy as clicking in your web browser. When you click on a file to download, GetRight will take over and show its own "Save As" window and Download window.

(If you use a different web browser, here for Opera or look in the Help file about starting downloads.)

Tip: Some sites do things differently so may not work quite as transparently with GetRight. If there is a file that GetRight is not catching, try holding the CTRL and ALT keys down when you click the item in your web browser. That will tell GetRight to do any file.

3. Resuming Downloads
If a download stops for any reason, you can easily resume it with GetRight.

If the download window is still showing on your screen, just press the "Resume" button (See Right) and GetRight will continue the download.

If the download window is no longer showing (such as if your computer has been shutdown), just double-click on the GetRight Logo in your Windows tray icons (See Right) to open the Download Status window. Then double-click the download from the list of all your downloads to resume it. (See Below)

4. More Advanced Features
Nearly all of the more advanced features are available from either the Download Status (to get there, just double-click on the GetRight Logo in your Windows tray icons (See Right) or the Configuration window (to get there, just right-click on the GetRight Logo in your Windows tray icons, and pick "Configuration" from the menu).

Another good next step is to read the Tips to get the Fastest Downloads.
Or find some skins to personalize the look of your downloads.

For more information, see