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Click Monitoring with AOL
When you browse the Internet with AOL it is basically using an embedded version of IE (this might change to Netscape in newer versions of the AOL software), so check the "Monitor" page of Getright's configuration window and make sure that click monitoring for IE and Netscape is enabled.

However, some of AOL's own files (when they send you updates and some others) are on their own system and Getright can't catch those.

See also: Click monitoring with Netscape 6 faq.cgi?filter=netscape6

Click monitoring doesn't work on a specific web site. Why?
  • Sites which use scripted re-directs to files (such as CGI, ASP, or javascript) can confuse GetRight. Try holding CTRL and ALT when clicking the link you want if it isn't working automatically. This will force GetRight to try and download the file.

  • Click monitoring in Internet Explorer stopped working.
    Upgrading Windows (or other things) can over-write GetRight's settings. To fix: on the Monitor configuration page in GetRight (or "Web Browsers" page in the Wizard), uncheck the box for monitoring of Internet Explorer, then click OK to apply the changes, then go back and re-check the box. That will fix this in most cases.

    Click monitoring stopped working all of a sudden. Why?
  • If you've recently upgraded or re-installed your browser (or upgraded Windows) That might have written over GetRight's Click monitoring settings. Go to the "monitor" page of the configuration window and turn click monitoring off (close the window to apply the changes) then go back and turn click monitoring back on.
  • Another possibility is that some sites which use CGI re-directs to files can confuse GetRight. Try holding CTRL and ALT when clicking the link you want if it isn't working automatically. This will force GetRight to try and download the file.

    See also: If you are using IE 5.5 or higher… faq.cgi?filter=more+click

  • Clipboard monitoring stopped working.
    Some people have reported that if other programs (which also do similar clipboard monitoring) are running, they may stop GetRight's clipboard monitoring from working (CuteFTP was one that someone had conflicts with).
    Try closing any other programs that may be doing similar monitoring the clipboard for URLs.

    Crashes that say something about "COMCTL32.DLL"
    Not 100% sure this fixes it, but especially if you have an older version of Internet Explorer or Windows, try getting this updated file from Microsoft.

    See also: Microsoft's download page for this update
    See also: Download COMCTL32 update file

    Crashes when Downloads are scanned by Norton
    There have been some reports of crashes when a download finishes and is scanned by Norton anti-virus software.

    To fix this, use the /M- and /B- switch to disable checking memory and the boot record when checking the newly downloaded file.
    In the configurations "Virus Program to Use" option, set it up like this:

    Disk activity when using CA Innoculate IT
    This is an Antivirus program from Computer Associate.
    It causes a lot of disk activity when GetRight is downloading. Not sure there's a fix other than using a different virus scanner…
    There might be a fix coming in GetRight version 5.0. Go to the 5.0 "Advanced/Saving" configuraion screen and use the "Extra File Write Cacheing." If the antivirus is scanning as things are written to disk, this could help, by having GetRight write bigger blocks of information less often.

    Downloading Problems with ZoneAlarm Pro
    If downloads aren't working propperly and you have Zone Alarm Pro, make sure GetRight is not set with "Privacy On" on the "Program Control" options page in Zone Alarm.

    Downloading from SimTel sites
    If you are having trouble downloading from SimTel sites, download the file below (very small, less thank 1k). This will change a setting that will make these downloads work better.

    See also: /