GetRight Support

Accepting formats.
GetRight DOES accept this format to get usernames and passwords for logging into servers.
For security reasons (so somebody can't see your password by just looking at the screen) this information is extracted and not shown when GetRight shows the URL on the Download Status or download window.
This doesn't work for usernames or passwords that contain a colon ":" or at-sign "@" (and possibly other special characters like a slash "/"). To avoid problems, it is best to just not use those characters in your username or password.

Acting as Server with security programs
Some Internet security programs (like ZoneAlarm) can give a warning that GetRight is trying to act as a server on some downloads. This is caused by part of how the FTP protocol can work...the FTP server you are downloading from can connect back to GetRight for sending the actual file you want.
GetRight can be set to do FTP connections differently: On the Proxy configuration page in GetRight, check the very top box about "Use PASV mode for FTP transfers." That will have GetRight always connect out so should avoid the prompt.

AdShield and GetRight's Click Monitoring
Web Page Popup Ad blocking program AdShield (version 1.2) can block GetRight's click monitoring.
To fix this, disable "Block listed Images" and "Block listed Pages" in AdShield's dontrol panel. "Block listed popups" and "Block Scripted popups" can still be enabled.

Advertisements in GetRight, and why they are gone
If you are still seeing banner ads in any version of GetRight either registered or unregistered, please upgrade. Banner ads have been completely removed from all versions of GetRight.

All of the companies previously used to show the ads have either gone out of business or no longer serve advertisements.

Ads were shown in unregistered installations of version 4.0 through 4.3 and were optional in version 4.5. They have been completely removed in 4.5a.

See also: Ad history in GetRight

Blank browser page with IE6 and SP1
There seem to be a few people getting a blank screen in the browser after GetRight takes over the download. In Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu, then pick the Internet Options menu, then switch to the Advanced tab. Under the Browsing item, make sure the "Enable third-party browser extensions (requires restart)" item is Checked.

For more information, see

CRC errors
CRC Errors usually mean that the file did not download correctly. Try re-downloading the file.

Can GetRight Upload files too?
Not yet. But something is coming. :-)

Can GetRight scan files for viruses?
GetRight lets you choose to use whatever virus scanner program you want. You may select the program to use on GetRight's "When Done" configuration page. NOTE: Most virus scanners will scan the file automatically.

Can I put a link to Headlight Software from my web site?
Yes (and feel free to use any of the images or animations here or from the GetRight web site too.)

For more information, see

Click Monitoring with AOL 9
A new click monitoring method added in GetRight version 5.1 can really help with AOL 9. It also works with many other Internet Explorer based browsers, such as Avant and MSN Explorer.

Go to the "Monitor" page of GetRight's configuration and make sure that both Internet Explorer Moniroring checkboxes are selected.
This is a new feature in version 5.1. If you have an older version of GetRight, please upgrade.