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Click Monitoring with AOL 9
A new click monitoring method added in GetRight version 5.1 can really help with AOL 9. It also works with many other Internet Explorer based browsers, such as Avant and MSN Explorer.

Go to the "Monitor" page of GetRight's configuration and make sure that both Internet Explorer Moniroring checkboxes are selected.
This is a new feature in version 5.1. If you have an older version of GetRight, please upgrade.

Crashes when Downloads are scanned by Norton
There have been some reports of crashes when a download finishes and is scanned by Norton anti-virus software.

To fix this, use the /M- and /B- switch to disable checking memory and the boot record when checking the newly downloaded file.
In the configurations "Virus Program to Use" option, set it up like this:

Downloading from SimTel sites
If you are having trouble downloading from SimTel sites, download the file below (very small, less thank 1k). This will change a setting that will make these downloads work better.

See also: /

GetRight and Punkbuster
The Punkbuster program will crash if GetRight is running (and because of the reason, likely will crash for a number of other programs too.) We've talked to them, and hopefully there will be a fix soon. But for now Punkbuster is recommending to just close GetRight or other conflicting programs when using their software.

Getting "Connection Refused" errors for everything
If you have ZoneAlarm installed, even if it is turned off from your tray icons, it can still be blocking any new programs. And with its tray icon off, it doesn't prompt when new programs are added.

To fix, start ZoneAlarm in your tray icons (Windows Start button, the Programs, then it is in Zone Labs.) Then try to download something in GetRight--ZoneAlarm should then prompt so you can select "remember" and click "Yes". Then you can close ZoneAlarm again and GetRight should work withoug problems. (Note, next time you upgrade GetRight, you'll have to repeat this process!)

How to download bulk files from the inbox
To download bulk files from the streamload inbox, just click the checkboxes next to all of the files that you would like to download and then click the "download" button on the "Checked Files" bar (towards the top of your Streamload inbox window). When you click this, a new window will open with a "Bulk Download" button on it. Click the "Bulk Download" button and a new "File Download" window will appear, with the filename BulkDownload.urls".
Click the "Open" button on this window.
A new "GetRight" window will then open. Click the "Yes" button and GetRight will import the files listed in the .urls file to the download list.
Once they're there, just click the "Automatic Download" button and the files will download from Streamload.

You can also click on "account info" then "edit site preferences" and make sure that GetRight is set up as your default Download Manager.

McAfee thinks GetRight is infected
March 24, 2004. We all got our daily McAfee virus scanner updates today, and suddenly McAfee thinks a number of the recent versions of GetRight (5.01 and 5.02) are infected with a virus: W32/ GetRight is NOT infected, it is a false message from McAfee...but McAfee also then deletes your GetRight.exe file to "clean" this "infection"!

Fortunately, the new GetRight 5.1 version isn't flagged and works fine.

Update: McAfee has fixed their scanner updates, so now works right and doesn't give the message. Fortunately, the new 5.1 version wasn't flagged either and works fine. So if GetRight got deleted, please upgrade to GetRight 5.1!

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More Click Monitoring Methods for GetRight
If you have Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, you can use this newer Click Monitoring method. It is a bit different than other ways done by GetRight. This works very well with browsers built on Internet Explorer (like Avant) that sometimes have problems with some of the other click monitoring methods!

It effectively replaces the "Save As" window you get from Internet Explorer. It's quite good and comes up just when Internet Explorer would save a file, so it isn't based on the file types used by other methods with GetRight.

It even comes up if you Right click in the browser and pick "Save Target As..."
Go to the "Monitor" page of GetRight's configuration and make sure that both Internet Explorer Moniroring checkboxes are selected.
This is a new feature in version 5.1. If you have an older version of GetRight, please upgrade.

Problems connecting to FTP sites when using Norton Internet Security
If you're using Norton Internet Security, for FTP, it can say that the commands GetRight is sending are some sort of attack. Something like FTP_IIS_Status_DOS or FTP_MS_IIS_Status_DOS.

This seems to be caused by the command GetRight sends to just get the date of the file. On the Advanced--Saving config in GetRight, change so "Set file dates to match the date of the file on the server" is unchecked. That seems to avoid this message from Norton Internet Security.

Problems shutting down the computer. With Windows 98SE
For problems with Windows 98SE and using GetRight's "Shutdown Computer When Done". For some people it can get stuck at the "shutting down your computer" page.

This appears to actually be a Microsoft Windows 98SE problem. Microsoft has a fix for it:

See also: Microsoft Knowledge Base article
See also: Win98se Shutdown Supplement Download Page;EN-US;239887

Problems with Vexira Antivirus HTTP Filtering
In Vexira's "Content Filtering" Settings, if you have 'http' filtering enabled it can cause problems with GetRight downloading.
Symptoms include:
The Getright download window would not show the file size of the file being downloaded.
The download almost always stops at 99% and resuming it would give a "server busy" message.
Some downloads would be 1k -2k in size and be corrupt.
It would also cause the Getright download window to hang if you tried to close it.

Unchecking the HTTP Filtering option in content settings in Vexira should fix all the above problems.

Right-click menus in Maxthon
GetRight's newer "Save As Replacement" click monitoring works very well in Maxthon to take over your downloads. But it does not support the GetRight Right-Click menu additions. To enable them in Maxthon:

Open this file in notepad or another editor (this is the default install directory for Maxthon, adjust as needed)
C:\Program Files\Maxthon\Config\Plugins.ini

After the line:

Add the line:

Close and restart Maxthon, then pick the Options-->Maxthon Options menu. On the Plugin page, switch to the IE Plugin tab. Find the "Bho2gr Class" and add a check by it. Then close and restart Maxthon again.
The GetRight Right-Click menus will now work!

Windows XP Service Pack 2 and GetRight
For some users, after installing Windows XP Service pack 2, IE will show a 'page not found' message every time GetRight picks up a download. To fix this:
In Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu, then pick the Internet Options menu, then switch to the Advanced tab. Under the Browsing item, make sure the "Enable third-party browser extensions (requires restart)" item is Checked.

For more information, see
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