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  • More Click Monitoring Methods for GetRight
    More Click Monitoring Methods for GetRight
    If you have Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, you can use this newer Click Monitoring method. It is a bit different than other ways done by GetRight. This works very well with browsers built on Internet Explorer (like Avant) that sometimes have problems with some of the other click monitoring methods!

    It effectively replaces the "Save As" window you get from Internet Explorer. It's quite good and comes up just when Internet Explorer would save a file, so it isn't based on the file types used by other methods with GetRight.

    It even comes up if you Right click in the browser and pick "Save Target As..."
    Go to the "Monitor" page of GetRight's configuration and make sure that both Internet Explorer Moniroring checkboxes are selected.
    This is a new feature in version 5.1. If you have an older version of GetRight, please upgrade.


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