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  • Occasional lockups or crashes.
  • Speeding up Downloads 1: Find Mirror Servers
  • Speeding up Downloads 2: Find the Fastest Mirror
  • Speeding up Downloads 3: Segmented Downloading, aka: Download Acceleration
    Occasional lockups or crashes.
    While I haven't figured out all the causes of crashes, or why all of these would avoid crashes; some things that people have found which stop occasional crashes of GetRight:
  • In general, if you're getting any odd crashes in GetRight, try removing any browsing accelerators, cookie tools, or parental control software--they seem to be a common cause of these strange crashes.
  • Using older versions of NetSonic seems to cause many crashes in GetRight (usually in KERNEL32.DLL). Upgrading to the latest NetSonic (or Uninstalling the older version) should fix the problem.
  • Crash in module "AOLSP.DLL". The AdsOff program seems to cause this in GetRight. Uninstalling AdsOff does file this one.
  • Using Anonymous Cookie Tools.
  • Using Nuts & Bolts. Try turning it off.
  • Using CyberSitter. Try turning it off.
  • Using AdsOff. Try turning it off (and maybe try AdWiper!)
  • Using Matrox video cards. Try changing the color depth (especially to something other than 24-bit color) or screen resolution--these have helped some people.
  • Using Windows NT and GetRight crashes when opening the "Configuration" window.
    When Control Panel->Services->Service->Remote Access Connection Manager is set to Disabled, then GetRight finds the dial-up networking files, and attempts to use them, but since they have been disabled by the operating system, GetRight crashes with an error.
    The quickest fix is to not disable them...
  • A very odd one actually crashes in Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 4.0x, possibly others). Some people have had odd crashes in IE, especially clicking the "Back" button.
    It has fixed this for several people by: in Internet Explorer, pick the "View" menu, then "Internet Options...". In the "Temporary Internet Files" box, click the "Settings" button. Change the check for newer versions of stored pages from "Every time you start Internet Explorer" to "Every visit to the page".

    Speeding up Downloads 1: Find Mirror Servers
    GetRight has several ways to automatically find Mirror sites where you can download the file. GetRight will automatically calculate Mirrors for many popular sites (such as TUCOWS). You may also use FTP Searching to find more Mirror locations for a file. This uses a server such as that lets you search for mirrors of a file with the same file name.
    GetRight can do this FTP Searching for you: press the Options button when a file is downloading, and pick the "Search for Alternates" item in the menu.
    Or if the site where you found the file to download lists several Mirrors, just click a few. GetRight will automatically add them as Mirrors when the file name is the same.

    For more information, click here.

    Speeding up Downloads 2: Find the Fastest Mirror
    A server close to you is likely to be faster than one on the other side of the Earth. GetRight will periodically "Ping" each of the mirror servers for the file to see which is likely to be the fastest, and then will automatically switch to download from the fastest.
    You can tell GetRight to recalculate the fastest yourself. Press the Options button when a file is downloading, and pick the "Recalculate Speeds" item in the menu.

    Speeding up Downloads 3: Segmented Downloading, aka: Download Acceleration
    Segmenting a file allows GetRight to download different parts of the same file at the same time. For example, GetRight would start at the beginning of the file from server A, and at the middle of the file from server B.
    Depending on your Internet connection, this can dramatically improve the download speed...GetRight 4.3 allows up to eight Segments, so your downloads can be up to eight times as fast as regular downloading**! (Earlier verisons allowed 4 or 6 segments.)
    To tell GetRight to use Segmenting when downloading a file, press the Options button when a file is downloading, and pick the "Segmented Downloading" item in the menu, then the number of Segments to use!
    You may also configure GetRight to always use segmented downloading from the Segment page of GetRight's configuration.

    ** The results of Segmented Downloading will vary depending on your Internet connection, your ISP and their connection to the Internet, the servers you're downloading from, and just the Internet in general. If you are not reaching the download speed at which your modem is connected, Segmented downloading can really help.


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