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  • Downloading from Yahoo Groups
  • Error "Another program is using the device" when trying to automatically redial?
  • Error 403 or Error 400 when using a proxy server?
  • Error 403
  • Error 404
  • Error 500
  • Error 503
  • FileMirrors Information 1: What is FileMirrors?
  • FileMirrors Information 2: What files are shared?
  • FileMirrors Information 3: Privacy.
    Downloading from Yahoo Groups
    GetRight 5.0 can now download from yahoo groups. But it takes some extra configuration. See link below.

    For more information, click here.

    Error "Another program is using the device" when trying to automatically redial?
    Especially if you are not using an English version of Windows, make sure the right "Reestablish Connection" window title text is on the Internet page in GetRight.

    Error 403 or Error 400 when using a proxy server?
    This is usually because on the Proxy server page in GetRight, you've tried the "Use alternate connect (if proxy server doesn't resume)" checkbox. Try unchecking that checkbox.

    Error 403
    The site you are trying to access may require special access permission (such as a password).
    You might need to configure a login/password within Getright for the server you are downloading from. This can be done from the 'Login' page of GetRight's configuration.
    Some other things to check:
  • Make sure you have an account setup with the site.
  • Check that you have entered in your information int GetRight's 'login' configuration correctly.
  • If you have no account setup with the site, you probably should contact the site administrator to set one up.

    Error 404
    Error 404 Not Found
    This message occurs when the browser can not find the page or file that has been requested on the host computer.
    To fix this error, check the URL, and ensure that the address is correct.

    Note: Some URL addresses are case sensitive, so if it is supposed to be in lower case, it must be in lower case.

    Another possibility, is that the page has been removed, renamed, or moved to a new location.


    Error 500
    HTTP Error 500
    "500 The server has encountered an internal error and cannot continue with the request."
    Very little can be done about this one. It may mean the service is down and needs to be physically restarted, etc. Try once or twice, and then give up. Or wait a few hours or a day and try again.
    Basically the server is down or unavailable.

    FTP Error 500
    "500 FTP: Command not recognized."
    One possible fix for this is to try turning on PASV mode from the 'proxy' page of GetRight's configuration window.


    Error 503
    Error 503 Service Unavailable
    This message happens commonly to a site that is popular and gets lots of hits; it also happens to sites that are not prepared for the load of traffic coming into the site. This generally means that computer that the site is located on, is filled to capacity and won't accept more users until some leave the site. Wait a while and then try the download again.

    FileMirrors Information 1: What is FileMirrors? is an anonymous URL sharing service for users of GetRight.
    Many web sites list a number of locations where you can download a file--sometimes buried a few pages deep. Different GetRight users will click or find different locations for the same file. As different users share the one URL they clicked on, the database will add them as possible mirrors for a file. With enough users sharing, this will let everyone find more mirrors for files, helping everyone to get faster and more reliable downloads. All this searching and sharing is done automatically when this FileMirrors searching is enabled.

    FileMirrors Information 2: What files are shared?
    There are several criteria that must be met for a file's URL to be shared on FileMirrors. They are:
  • EXE or Compressed file types. No images, MP3s, videos, web pages, etc. (unless they're zipped.)
    Here is the complete list of file extensions that are sent to FileMirrors: exe zip rar r0? r1? arj z gz tar lzh cab hqx ace c0? c1? c2? w0? w1? iso raw bin
  • Downloads that do not use a username/password.
  • Files at least 100K in size.

    FileMirrors Information 3: Privacy.
    The FileMirrors features in GetRight are OFF by default. If you don't want to use the features or are concerned about your privacy, leave them switched off.

    FileMirrors is completely anonymous. The server does not use cookies and GetRight does not send any personal information or tracking number when searching (as with any Internet connection, your IP address is available to the server you connect to). When searching (without sharing) GetRight will send the file name and size. When sharing, GetRight will send the file name, size and URL. Nothing more.


    106 topics in this category. Viewing 21 - 30. [Previous] [More]

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